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DISCOVER FRANCE: Chateau d’Alteville, a rural jewel situated in the North-East of France. The ideal romantic location. VIDEO

DISCOVER FRANCE: Chateau d’Alteville, a rural jewel situated in the North-East of France. The ideal romantic location. VIDEO

Rural and historical tourism was born in France. With amazing geographical diversity, its magnificent landscapes, its impressive historical sites and last but not least, its famous cuisine, France is attracting tourists from all over the world every year. Adding to all these, the famous French wines offered to guests in a very warm, welcoming environment.

France is indeed a green country with an amazing natural diversity. This is why, its rural areas are so highly popular with tourists from all over the world, meaning that reservations are made even a year before holidaying there. The most popular areas are from Haute-Savoie, Herault, Saone and Loire, Cotes d’Armor, Bas-Rhin all the way to Bourgogne, Bretagne or Alsace.

Chateau d’Alteville, a French rural jewel

Today we will be talking about Chateau d’Alteville (Alteville Castle). The castle is part of a historical site in Tarquimpol, a little village in North-Eastern France, in the Loire region. The Alteville property includes two castles (one dating back to the XVI-th century and the other one, dating back to the XVIII-th century), a pond, a farm, agricultural land and woodland.

The property belongs to the Barthelemy family who had been owning it for over a century now. Four generations of the same family live in this quiet area surrounded by lakes and forests.

David Barthélemy are the owner of this amazing place. David will welcome you with a smile, happy to be your host each and every time. He is extremely attentive and keen to please his visitors.
The tourists meet in the evening with David at the same table and and have a relaxing dinner.

Alteville Castle is opening its doors for tourists from April till October. Besides quiet and relaxation, visitors will enjoy traditional, organic, locally sourced, locally produced food and if the rooms are not enough, the hotel also offers a conference hall and loads of opportunities for outdoor activities. The hotel also offers a reliable Internet connection for its visitors to be able to stay in touch with their friends and family throughout their stay.

Alteville is offering an oasis of peace and quiet, where tourists can enjoy fresh air and beautiful nature. The food offered by this establishment is 100% organic, home grown, freshly prepared in the kitchen. Tourists have also plenty of opportunities for outdoors activities, such as walking, hicking or even horse back riding. They can also enjoy fishing on the local pond.

The Alteville’s history

Alteville is one hour away from Nancy and Strasbourg. The propery belonging to the Barthelemy family consists of 2 castles, one farm, a pond, agricultural land and woodland.

The Barthelemys moved here in 1906. The area had been severely damaged during WWII. The building went through a massive restauration process and it is now a real magnet for tourists.

Built in 1698, the castle belonged to General d’Empire Grandjean d’Alteville. The second building, which looks more like a fortress dates all the way back to the XVIth century.

The farm is green certified, its produce being either sold or prepared for tourists in the hotels kitchen. The pond offers carp, pike and perch for the tourists who enjoy fishing. There are around 250 species of birds living in this area.

It’s been the birth place of Stanislas de Guaita and the inspiration for Maurice Barres.

If you wish to visit Altveille, details and reservations at www.chateaudalteville.com.

Château d’Alteville Visite guidée automne from DEUXMINUTES ℅ WOLFGANG on Vimeo.

France is the birth place of rural tourism

Although France is twice the size of UK, both countries have over 60 millions inhabitants. The difference is that France kept its rural aspect. Half of France is made up of rural properties and 25% of woodland.

Over a quarter of its active population is involved in agriculture. There are 33.000 communes with an amazing diversity.

The delicious French cuisine can be enjoyed even in the so called „cuisine improvisee”, which means making a good wholsome meal with what you can find in the house: cheese, ham, eggs, sausages, fresh fruit and vegetables, all ingeniously combined, keeping it as local as possible.

The French rural tourism is attracting mostly families which can enjoy a flexible holiday in a wide variety of locations, such as Haute-Savoie, Herault, Saone and Loire, Cotes d’Armor, Bas-Rhin all the way to Bourgogne, Bretagne or Alsace.

While France,the Netherlands and Germany are very well established when it comes to farm tourism, this particular type of tourism is virtually nonexistent in other EU countries.

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