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GAME OF THRONES: The May 31 episode of Game Of Thrones was one of the best of the entire series

GAME OF THRONES: The May 31 episode of ‘Game Of Thrones’ was undoubtedly one of the best of the entire series. Daenerys and Tyrion grew closer, and the White Walkers attacked, the said today.

GAME OF THRONES: It’s going to take everyone awhile to recover from the May 31 episode of Game of Thrones. Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) discussed their future together, Cersei (Lena Headey) found herself without a plan for the first time in forever, Theon (Alfie Allen) revealed a shocking secret to Sansa (Sophie Turner) and a massive army of White Walkers and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) came face-to-face in the show’s most terrifying battle scene to date.

GAME OF THRONES: Daenerys hadn’t killed Tyrion and Jorah, so that was a relief. They stood before her and Missandei. Dany wanted to know if Tyrion really was who he said he was. She was still adamant about revenge against the Lannisters, and Tyrion thought he was just the guy who could help her out. He’d killed his mother on the day he was born, and he’d just killed his father. “Clearly I’m the best Lannister killer around,” he joked.

GAME OF THRONES: He told her all that he’d heard about her over the years. “I thought you were worth meeting at the very least,” he said. He wanted to be the one giving her advice on the lands and Houses in Westeros because she couldn’t rule the world on her own. To test him, she asked what he would do to Jorah. She was clearly conflicted. “He’s devoted to you, and he’s in love with you, I think,” Tyrion said. As devoted as Jorah was, Daenerys couldn’t have him by her side when she was ready to rule over the Seven Kingdoms, Tyrion advised. Even though it appeared she couldn’t disagree more, Dany asked Jorah to be removed from the city.

GAME OF THRONES: Over in King’s Landing, Cersei wasn’t faring too well in her cell. All of the faith’s servants tried to get her to confess, but Cersei wasn’t going to crack so easily. She was accused of fornication, treason, incest and the murder of King Robert. Ser Kevan was returning, but he refused to help her. King Tommen was confined to his room with grief. There was only one way out for Cersei — confess. She wasn’t ready to do that yet, but her finery was slowly being stripped away. After a servant tossed water on the ground, Cersei licked it up with her tongue. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

GAME OF THRONES: Arya was ready to take the next step with the Many-Faced God. She took the identity of Lana, an oyster girl in the city. Jaqen sent her to the harbor where she crossed paths with a gambler. When she returned, he knew what she’d seen. He wanted her to go back and learn everything about him.

GAME OF THRONES: Back in Winterfell, Sansa was dishing out some major hate towards Theon. She seethed that she would still have her family if it wasn’t for him. Um, hold up. Theon had some explaining to do. Theon confessed that he did NOT kill Bran and Rickon. Realizing that she still had two brothers who were alive somewhere in the world left Sansa speechless.

Daenerys and Tyrion had their first official chat together without any of their other minions standing around. Tyrion admitted he was impressed that she had reopened the fighting pits and agreed to marry someone for the good of the people. Jorah came up again, and Tyrion let Dany know that the knight was likely the main reason she hadn’t been slaughtered by her enemies. The only other person Tyrion trusted more than Varys was Jaime.

GAME OF THRONES: “I had given up on life until Varys convinced me you were worth living for,” Tyrion told Dany. With that statement, Daenerys wanted Tyrion by her side. He would be helping her get what she wanted most — the Iron Throne. That’s when Tyrion starting handing out some brutally honest advice. Getting to the Iron Throne wouldn’t be easy, but Daenerys was more than willing to put up a fight.

GAME OF THRONES: As Jon prepared for his mission beyond the Wall, Ollie asked Sam why Jon was trusting the Wildlings in the first place. Even though it may not seem like it right now, Jon was doing what was best for everyone, Sam said. He told Ollie not to fret. “He [Jon] always comes back,” Sam said. He may have spoken too soon.

GAME OF THRONES: Jon, Tormund and more men made it to Hardhome, where Jon delivered one of his best speeches to date. “The long night is coming, and the dead come with it,” he said. Without the help of the Wildlings, no one stood a chance against the White Walkers. After some convincing, including the help of some dragonglass, everyone started getting on board. Jon and his men were helping people leave Hardhome when dogs started barking. And then people just started running. The gates were soon closed, and Jon was forced to hear those left behind screaming. The White Walkers made themselves known, and they totally outnumbered the Wildlings and everyone else. Bless. I am going to have nightmares forever.

GAME OF THRONES: Jon led a group of the Night’s Watch to help buy everyone more time. Jon and Tormund realized that there were others watching them from a distance. Jon went after his dragonglass, and a White Walker showed up to play. The ghostly figure got in a couple of good shots at Jon. (My anxiety level is now through the roof) Jon grabbed his sword, made of Valyrian steel, and DESTROYED the White Walker.

GAME OF THRONES: The Night’s King watched Jon Snow perform this incredible act. After a brief moment, the Night’s King motioned for hundreds of White Walkers to come billowing down the mountain. The attack continued, and it was a total massacre. Jon and his men ran to the boats to escape. As Jon, Tormund and the others rowed themselves away, our Lord Commander met eyes with the Night’s King. The Night’s King then raised his arms and chillingly woke all of the dead who had just been killed in battle. It was like something straight out of The Walking Dead.

One of the many things Game of Thrones gets right is its battle scenes. This was such a beautifully shot scene, no matter how terrifying it was. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it on television. What an episode.

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