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HOROSCOPE READING FOR JUNE 10, 2015. Astrological predictions for Wednesday!

ARIES (21 march – 19 april)
Today, making a grand gesture might bring you high visibility and a boatload of appreciation. But will these things truly make you happy? Probably not. You will find greater satisfaction in a short and sweet conversation, a perfect tangerine or a breathtaking sunset. You are in tune with the simpler things in life — the things that people often take for granted. Turn away from flashy ‘bigness’ — and turn toward small pleasures.

TAURUS (20 april – 20 may)
The level of romance in your life is about to go up, up, up! The sky’s the limit when it comes to the amount of chemistry between you and a very special someone. Most of the explanation can be found in your brimming confidence — people who have a strong sense of self are very attractive to others. Your creativity is also extremely appealing, so use it to convey your feelings in an unexpected (and very flattering) way. This is a period of new beginnings and exciting conversations.

GEMINI (21 may – 21 june)
It’s true that you are a unique person, but you are not the only person ever to have felt the way you’re feeling right now. So reach out to someone close to you and share what’s on your mind. You have a lot more in common with other people than you realize, and sharing your confused feelings will help you begin to understand that. Thinking through your problems is always important, but often you have to talk about them, too.

CANCER (22 june – 22 july)
Music or art can make for an excellent escape, so keep that in mind when someone or something starts bugging you today. When you want to get away from stress, put in your earphones and let the tones of your current favorite song take you away. Or leaf through a coffee-table art book and contemplate each image. Stepping outside of your everyday world and focusing on another person’s self-expression will be a tonic for your soul.

LEO (23 july – 22 august)
Money will continue to be on your mind today. A glimpse at your banking statement might make you wonder whether some cruel person is playing a joke on you. The numbers don’t lie, and what they are telling you isn’t terribly wonderful news. Don’t worry — your lifestyle does not have to significantly change, though your attitude sure does. Continue re-prioritizing your needs, and try to make little changes (such as eating out less often) that can make a big difference.

VIRGO (23 august – 22 september)
There will be a strong connection between you and someone very surprising today. This person will make an observation about you that is right on the mark, and the ensuing conversation will prove that the two of you have a lot in common. You will be the center of attention in this dynamic (try not to blush!). Indulge yourself today — when you do something nice for yourself, you are showing the world that you value yourself — and that is very attractive to others.

LIBRA (23 september – 22 october)
People do not always practice what they preach, and it might seem as though someone has an ulterior motive when she or he makes a huge effort to help others today. This person’s enthusiasm might not make any sense to you right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that anything fishy is going on. Keep mum about your suspicions for now, and wait at least until the afternoon before sounding any alarm bells. Being a tattletale isn’t really your style, anyway.

SCORPIO (23 october – 21 november)
The energy of other people — even people you are not particularly fond of — is vital if you want to create a delightful day today. Even if you feel as though you could make better progress on your own, do not go it alone right now. Going solo does promise a great deal of independence, but it can also bring a great deal of loneliness. Learning from what other people say and do is exactly what you need right now. So get in the middle of a group and soak it in.

SAGITTARIUS (22 november – 21 december)
The way you dress always affects how other people see you, but today this fact is especially important. You need to create an outfit that says exactly what you want it to say — making the right impression is vital. If this requires a quick shopping trip, then so be it. But keep in mind that dressing to impress doesn’t always mean a three-piece suit. If you want to send a signal of relaxed self-assuredness, then grab your favorite pair of jeans and strut your stuff.

CAPRICORN (22 december – 19 january)
Having an unpredictable mind is not a bad thing! Your ability to move off the roadmap of established ideas and delve into unexplored territory is one of your best qualities — and it’s going to win you several fans today. Alas, it may earn you one or two enemies, too — at least temporarily. Leadership sometimes inspires jealousy, so when you step forward with an invincible plan, you have to be prepared for people to envy your courage.

AQUARIUS (20 january – 18 february)
Today is a day to mix things up a bit. Whip up something extravagantly uncommon for breakfast, or try a physical activity you haven’t explored before, such as yoga or even ballet — follow your whims, wherever they take you. Getting caught up in a routine can be comforting, and having things ‘your way’ makes this crazy world feel a little bit more manageable. But over time, a routine can come dangerously close to creating too much monotony in your life.

PISCES (19 february – 20 march)
There will be an unusual or heated exchange between you and another person in the morning, and it could leave you feeling confused for the rest of the day. It isn’t often that the opinions of someone else stay with you like this — could it be that it is time to re-evaluate how you feel about this issue? Have the courage to explore the information you are basing your thoughts on, and double-check that you are on the right side of the argument.

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