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HOROSCOPE READING FOR JUNE 9, 2015. Astrological predictions for Tuesday!

ARIES (21 march – 19 april)
Are you living your life in constant motion? If you’re feeling a bit stressed lately, it could be because you’re doing way too many things on the go. It’s time to get some things off your plate and delegate! Letting go of some of your work is not a sign that you can’t handle the pressure, so don’t worry what other people think. You have a reputation for being on the ball, and it won’t suffer at all if you turn down the volume on what you’re doing right now.

TAURUS (20 april – 20 may)
Are you ready for romance? That’s not a silly question! Timing is everything when it comes to the art of love, and you need to feel one hundred percent on board for a new relationship. If it’s not exactly what you want, then don’t move forward with this person – no matter how great he or she looks on paper. If you are in a relationship right now, communicate what you’re feeling in greater detail. Your sweetie might be acting on some incorrect assumptions.

GEMINI (21 may – 21 june)
You will need to prioritize all your assignments very carefully today. If you get up early, you may have some trouble getting your feet off the ground. But if you sleep in too late, you will miss out on a lot of productive time. Your energy will be released slowly as the day moves forward, so you’ll have a lot of drive in the afternoon. Save ambitious projects for later in the day, and take care of the smaller details early on.

CANCER (22 june – 22 july)
In a difficult situation today, remember that you can always rely on your secret weapon: Your unfaltering creativity. If you are put on the spot by someone in power, just think fast. Grab for an idea, and it will be there waiting for you – and it will be brilliant. Have faith that you’ve got what it takes to make the right impression and save the situation, no matter how calamitous it may seem. Break the awkward silence with a zingy one-liner.

LEO (23 july – 22 august)
Today, a battle of wits or a humorous conversation could evolve into an awkward situation when someone steps a little too far outside the boundaries of acceptable behavior. Choose to be compassionate in this situation, and break the silence. Go for a funny gag to draw attention away from the person whose foot has become solidly stuck in his or her mouth. You know what it can be like to speak before you think. This gesture will earn you gratitude for a long time.

VIRGO (23 august – 22 september)
The line between you and other people is widening right now, as you are entering a phase of solo introspection. This is something to embrace, not to worry about. Even if your social life has not been extremely active lately, you will relish the separation between what is going on in your own life and what is going on in the lives of the people around you. This is your chance to step back from the world and bow out of social obligations. Get used to greater freedoms.

LIBRA (23 september – 22 october)
If you’re itching for a big drama to come into your life, don’t do anything new – because there’s a doozy of a soap opera coming your way soon! Luckily, it will have an adventurous, lost-on-a-desert-island type of plot and not a teary dreary one. Be ready to roll and travel at a moment’s notice – is your passport up-to-date? You might not get a lot of sleep over the next few days, but you will definitely be having a heck of a lot of fun!

SCORPIO (23 october – 21 november)
Feel free to be a little self-centered today – you need a big dose of TLC, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for it! Reach out to your friends and talk things over – sharing your problems is a great way to reconnect with someone else, because you enable that person to share problems with you. Restore your positive energy by treating yourself well and giving yourself the space you need. It’s perfectly fine to refuse that dinner invitation.

SAGITTARIUS (22 november – 21 december)
Skip the staid, business side of things today. Instead, focus on the creative aspects of your life. Listening to music, cooking up an ambitious meal or even dancing around your bedroom is a great way to liven up the day and improve your mood. Creating something new is easier than ever, so don’t be surprised if a tune pops into your head and refuses to leave, or if your mindless doodling results in some breathtaking images. All your inner ideas are itching to come out.

CAPRICORN (22 december – 19 january)
Distraction is nothing bad, even if it can sometimes make you feel as though you’re treading water instead of plowing headfirst into the waves. Don’t worry – you can still make progress even if you don’t get a lot accomplished today. Just be prepared for your mind to wander, and don’t fret if you can’t find your car keys, can’t decide what to have for dinner or are just at a loss about what direction to take. It is not a bad thing, and it will all pass soon enough.

AQUARIUS (20 january – 18 february)
Exciting travel is in your near future, although it might not be the same journey you had planned. Let go of your organizational nature and try to let this new adventure unfold naturally. Give control over to fate. Things may not be too clear for quite a while, but you don’t have to try to make them clear. Simply live with the uncertainty. In some circles, ‘uncertain’ is just another word for ‘spontaneous.’ Incorporate more chance and fate into how you live your life.

PISCES (19 february – 20 march)
Today, despite the pressures around you, people are going to move at the pace they feel most comfortable at – and that’s that. The sooner you get comfortable with this fact, the happier you will be. Enjoy this slower route to your goal, and you will realize that what was meant to be will be. Dealing with a delay in your schedule will be easier if you focus on other projects or visit with other people, so get in touch with a few folks you miss.

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